I’m Outta Here!

When SHE is on a Mission can SHE ever move fast and this morning was one of those times…SHE was up super super early…cleaning, washing dishes, packing some Bo-Bos and some of my food…all while sipping on HER always present cup of coffee…SHE was like a tornado in our house…I just stayed out of HER way…

Cleaning Machine

When SHE finished I found out the reason…and I’m outta here with HER!


…it’s not even light out yet…I smell a nap coming on!


as SHE likes to say: Later Gator

Valentines - paws

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6 Responses to I’m Outta Here!

  1. Sableyes says:

    My dogs head over to the missus desk and hide at her feet when in in whirlwind mode. Its a good place to be less I tidy them up or spill my ever present cup of tea on them ^^

  2. Dante, how far is your Grandma’s from your house? Did you get left?

  3. Oh, two houses! We had two houses for 5 years while we tried to sell one, but we only lived in the new one. Mom said, “Never again.”

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