Celebrate the Fluff!

Can you believe SHE called me Scruffy and Smelly? After a week of quick walks in the rain I was just starting to smell like a dog and look like a rugged Little Guy…Scruffy? Smelly?

Scruffy and Smelly

Little did SHE know my Grand Plan…every time I hear the words Scruffy or Smelly…I know that a day at the Spa is in my future…I love when my plan works!

Super White and Fluffy

ahhhh…I’m too fluffy for HER car…too fluffy for HER car…my fluff went all the way to the ceiling in the Moon Mobile…now that’s SUPER FLUFF!

Celebrate the Fluff!

Paw with crown

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6 Responses to Celebrate the Fluff!

  1. But are you too fluffy for your pants?

  2. dogdaz says:

    Wonderful Fluffination!

  3. Maggie Dokic says:

    You are da Fluffmeister!

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