Keeping my eye on Grandma….

What is with thing called “Bronchitis”? It has completely worn me out.  No, I don’t have Bronchitis, but Grandma does and taking care of her has worn me out.  Every time Grandma coughs…I check on her.  Every time Grandma wakes up to take a sip of water…I check on her.  Every time Grandma wakes up to take her medicine…I check on her. I think you get the picture.  I’m not really sleeping…I’m resting with one eye open…keeping my eye on my very special Grandma…the one I love!

Keeping my eye on HER

Can’t wait for someone to relieve me and take over for a couple of hours…I need my cuteness sleep!


Love Paw

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8 Responses to Keeping my eye on Grandma….

  1. I hope your Grandma feels better soon! Doctor duty is VERY tiring work but nobody gets it done like us dogs. Good luck, my friend! *ear licks* Noodle

  2. Little Guy, your grandma is really blessed to have you. I’m sure that just knowing that you are keeping watch comforts and cheers her. It is really hard caring for a Loved One, but know God will give you the strength to do this very important job. I know because I am taking care of our dear Grandpa..

  3. Oh Dante, even half closed I can see how red and worn-out your eyes look. POTP for your Grandma. Hang in there little buddy, she needs you.

  4. frla12pattyr says:


    Grandma  is so thankful  you  are  with  her taking  such  good  care  of  her  and  checking on  her  day and  night!

    You are such a great comfort  to   Grandma!

    Warmest Regards,

    Patty Renna

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