Meet Buc-ee!

Hey everyone…meet the newest member of my Bo-Bo crew – all the way from Texas:     Buc-ee Bo-Bo.

 Buc-ee Bo-Bo

I wasn’t so sure about this new little Bo-Bo

Buc-ee Bo-Bo Buc-ee Bo-Bo

…but I gave him a few tosses and flipped him up in the air…oh yeah…Buc-ee Bo-Bo you are perfect! (How do you like my action shot?)

Buc-ee Bo-Bo

Welcome Texas Buc-ee Bo-Bo!



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2 Responses to Meet Buc-ee!

  1. Michelle says:

    lol. Peanut has stuck with one toy and that’s the one she’s had since she was a pup. All other toys haven’t compared despite how many I’ve gotten in hopes of replacing that raggedy toy.

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