Road Trip

After my three-week Pupcation at Grandma’s, going back home with HER was so much fun…I had my Super BIG Car Seat, Mini-Me and treats tucked away for snacking. SHE says I am the bestest co-pilot ever until I fall asleep…Me fall asleep?

roadtrip1 Roadtrip2

Roadtrip3 Roadtrip4

Yeah, I guess SHE’S right…my car seat is so comfy…I just can’t keep my eyes open!


Going on vacation is fun…but coming back home…it’s wonderful


paw heart2

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8 Responses to Road Trip

  1. How in the world does SHE take such marvelous photos while she’s driving?

  2. Wow! I’m impressed!

  3. MTM says:

    I agree Dante, going home is truly awesome
    Luv u

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