TBT: Throw Back Thursday

TBT: Throw Back Thursday: This is the day that SHE decides to post a picture of me from the past…I got a special delivery package from my most special friend ever: MTM (Matey The Magnificent). At first I thought it was food…it was in a Trader Joe’s bag after all…I think MTM just wanted to tease me…but just look what was inside! Bo-Bos!Easter Bo-Bos

Just look at my Happy Face…Lambie Bo-Bo and Seal Pup Bo-Bo…MTM always knows what I will love…including the yummy yummy cookies…Yee Haa!  I surprised HER that night…I put one of my yummy cookies under HER pillow…just in case SHE got hungry in the middle of the night!

I love Throw Back Thursday! Now where is Lambie & Seal Pup?


paw heart2

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4 Responses to TBT: Throw Back Thursday

  1. Dante, you are so easy to please. I must work on that so that Mommy feels more appreciated. 🙂

    • I hate to admit it but I have fun even when SHE brings home a big shopping bag…SHE sometimes drops a cookie in there for me and I have fun crawling in and getting it! I’m a push-over! bark bark bark!

  2. What a great TBT! Cousin Jessie has the same Lambie Bo-Bo!

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