SSS…Super Spa Saturday

Can you believe that SHE came home last night and declared me a dirty smelly dog? Can you believe it? I tried very hard to get my breakfast and dinner all over my face and to run and jump in puddles and mounds of dirt…it was a lot of work getting dirty and smelly…and it worked: I’m going to the SPA!

dirty boydirty boy

I love it when my plan works – how do you like my dirty boy photos? When you see me next I will be too Fluffy for my carseat…too Fluffy for my harness and definitely too Fluffy for my leash!!


Spa paw

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4 Responses to SSS…Super Spa Saturday

  1. From fluff-a-rama to Dante “how you doin’?” stud muffin! MOL MOL MOL!

  2. Dante, you are one crazy dude. Gotta love ya!

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