Grandma Diaries: Day Three

computerBoy oh boy…I really got scared yesterday…Grandma was working on her computer and I  heard her talking to it and it didn’t sound nice.  Grandma kept asking that computer what was wrong with it…Grandma kept asking and that computer did not answer back.  That computer must not know my Grandma very well…when Grandma asks you a question she expects an  answer…like when Grandma asks me if I need to go outside… Grandma expects me to bark and let her know Yes or close my eyes…that means No!  Then I heard Grandma say she was going to blow that computer up if it didn’t start working…I started getting real worried…how would I let HER know what’s happening at Grandma’s if Grandma blew up her computer?  Finally, Aunt Tere came over and made that bad ole computer behave…all better Grandma…crisis over!  Thanks Aunt Tere…I love you…and so does Grandma’s computer…it didn’t get blown up yesterday!


angel paw

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7 Responses to Grandma Diaries: Day Three

  1. Oh thank goodness for Aunt Tere! Our Grandma’s computer doesn’t like to behave either 🙂 Have a great HUMP DAY Dante!

  2. Piglove says:

    Squeals!! OMP little guy – I know that feeling. I’ve talked to my laptop a couple of times like that too – all squeals and snorts and oinks – I might have even knocked it on the floor a couple of times because it didn’t do what I wanted. Can I borrow your Aunt Tere – 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  3. So glad that crisis was averted. I have heard Mom threaten to smash her laptop against a tree. Dad oh so gingerly lifted it off her lap and took it inside where it was safe.

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