Grandma Diaries: Day Five

Report CardSHE called Grandma last night to check on me…to make sure I was being a real good little guy.  Grandma put HER on speaker phone so that I could listen…SHE said SHE loved me and missed me and hoped I was being really really good for Grandma.  Well Grandma told HER that I had been the best that I had ever been!   SHE was soooo happy to hear that…SHE asked Grandma to give me an extra treat for being such a good boy!  This good boy stuff really pays off.  Truth is…it’s really easy being a good boy for my Grandma…Grandma fixes my food just the way I like it…Grandma takes me for my walks a whole bunch of times….Grandma likes when I sit on her lap and keep her company…and Grandma really likes it when I snuggle close to her and let her rub my tummy.  Don’t tell HER…but being a good boy for my Grandma  comes naturally!  I love my grandma…and the extra treat is just a bonus!


angel paw

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4 Responses to Grandma Diaries: Day Five

  1. You and Grandma do have that special bond don’t you Dante? 🙂

  2. Piglove says:

    aawww – you are such a great boy my friend. Have a wonderful weekend with lots of snuggles with grandma ((HUGS)) XOXO – Bacon

  3. dogdaz says:

    What a great report card. Any granny would love a boy like you.

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