Grandma Diaries: Day Six

Dante Grandma PrescriptionLordy Lordy what’s a little guy to do when one of the most important two-leggeds in the whole wide world is not feeling too good?  Grandma woke up yesterday and I could tell she wasn’t feeling very good…she wasn’t her usual happy self…she was still my Grandma just not as happy when she said “let’s go out little guy”.  And then when we sat in Grandma’s recliner she wanted me to snuggle real close…that’s a sure sign of not feeling her same ol’ self.  When SHE called to check on Grandma the speaker phone was on and I heard HER ask me to take extra special care of Grandma …to be a really good boy and give Grandma lots of extra attention…SHE said I am one the best medicines to help Grandma feel better!

 Dr. Dante to the rescue!  


I just want HER to know that I am taking extra special care of my Grandma so that she feels better real fast…


angel paw

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5 Responses to Grandma Diaries: Day Six

  1. I think your Grandma will be feeling better in no time with Dr. Dante on duty! Good job, my friend.

  2. Dante we know Grandma is in the best paws! Hope she is feeling better soon!
    Marty and the Gang

  3. Hope your grandma feels better super fast!

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