Mama’s Boy…and Proud of it!

Mama's BoyMam's Boy is WaitingLook at this totally cute tee SHE put on me for our walk last night: Mama’s Boy.  Now I know in some circles that’s not cool…but when you are a little guy like me with four-legs…it is not only cool, it is something to be proud of!  I went out struttin’ last night to show off my cool tee and guess what? We went on a new route…yee haa…F-U-N and I caught the eyes of lots of new Chiquitas and the ooohhs and aaahhhs of lots of the other two-legged ladies out for a walk…and the best part? I made HER smile ’cause I was wearing my Mama’s Boy tee with pride!



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3 Responses to Mama’s Boy…and Proud of it!

  1. It doesn’t get much better than you are happy and you make HER happy too!

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