It’s a Conspiracy!

I really do think it’s a conspiracy…I think Mother Nature is conspiring to keep me going out and struttin’.  When SHE’s at work, the rain stops, when SHE goes out with HER friends, the rain stops…but when SHE comes home to take me struttin’…well, it RAINS!  And when I say it RAINS…I mean it POURS!  Pretty soon we’re going to need the Ark!

Rain Rain Go Away!

If any of you out there have a connection with Mother Nature can you let her know that this little guy needs some fresh air…I need to feel the grass under my paws…I need to stretch my little legs…I need to go STRUTTIN’.


paws with umbrella

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3 Responses to It’s a Conspiracy!

  1. Well, it’s warm out, so you and SHE may just have to put on your rain gear and pull a Gene Kelley and Debbie Reynolds

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