Happy Birthday America!


You all know how much I love Birthdays …especially my own…but today is a really BIG Birthday …today is July 4th and it is America’s Birthday and I plan on celebrating all day long…I will be a party animal.  So of course I have to be decked out in the cutest Yankee Doodle Dante duds and accompanied by one of my fav Bo-Bos: Sammy Bo-Bo.  I hear Grandma’s lap calling …and there’s a Bar-B-Q tonight followed by fireworks…what a way to spend America’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday America…BAYL..

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday America!

  1. dogdaz says:

    You are so Adogable Happy 4th.

  2. Dante, Mom says you are too adorable for words. So, does that mean you are or you aren’t adorable?

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