Rain Rain Go Away!


All night…that’s right: all night it rained and thundered and there was even  lightning…while SHE slept and snored I stayed in my condo and covered up with my blanket…I was scared by all that noise HER snoring was pretty scary too!)…once while it stopped thundering I ran out and got some of my favorite Bo-Bos to keep me company…while I played with them in my condo I wasn’t thinking about all that noise…I’m a big boy now but that thunder still scares me. I hid out in my condo all night…all night long! Rain Rain Go Away…I wanna come out and play…and go for a walk when the sun comes out!

BAYL…when it stops raining!


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6 Responses to Rain Rain Go Away!

  1. Piglove says:

    Oh my sweet friend!! Sending you major hogs and snout kisses. Mr. Thunder is an awful person. He really bugs Houdini here too. Might I suggest a Mellow Shirt? Houdini posted it on his Paw Time with Houdini last week on my blog. It really does wonders! XOXO – Bacon

  2. Dante, we have identical condos, but mine is painted blue. You are safe in there, dear friend.

  3. Dante my friend, I hope the rain and thunder has finally left you alone! It is visiting us now and Bree is very unhappy about it too!

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