G-Update #1

Dante Computer time2Today makes two days that I have been with my Grandma…two days…48 hours of Dante loving…so here’s my first “G-Update”…that’s Grandma-Update!

Let me first give you some background ~ SHE read me the Riot Act in the privacy of HER home office…better known as my playroom.  That Riot Act of HERS is code word for I better be good or all my Bo-Bos are gone in a flash.  That Riot Act of HERS is code word for I better be good or it’s banishment behind Double Gate.  That Riot Act of HERS means I better behave or it’s extended Time Out.  In other words…that Riot Actof HERS means I better be on my very best behavior …especially at Grandma’s house. Message to HER: I am being an Angel according to my Grandma…and Grandma knows everything…right?

Grandma's lapLook at this face…could I be anything but Grandma’s Angel?  When Grandma says “condo”, I go into my private mobile room…when Grandma says time to eat, I wait until she’s finished filling my bowl before I eat everything she puts out…when Grandma says it’s time for me to go for my walk, well that’s when I am a Super-Angel…I wait patiently as Grandma puts on my leash and I walk very slowly, very careful not to get tangled in Grandma’s walker…yes, and I am Grandma’s Angel when we come back from our walk and I “sit pretty” to get my good boy treat.

So here’s my update to HER: I am Grandma’s Angel…so far!  But here’s the best part of my update…Grandma is smiling more…I think my loving makes my Grandma very happy!


angel paw

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4 Responses to G-Update #1

  1. Piglove says:

    Dude – your loving would make anyone feel better. And you know what… I think Grandma absolutely loves you being there. And psstt – what happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s if you know what I mean. XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. Give Grandma wet piggy lick from me.

  2. Amy Sandy says:

    My Lexi was always super good for her Grandma, too, and always made her smile when no one else could. Great job, Dante!

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