I drive HER crazy…

This is the empty bag that drove HER crazy:


Last week, my bestest friend ever, MTM, bought me a special gift and gave it to HER at work. SHE was so excited to give it to me…but when SHE got home and got ready to give me my present…the bag was empty. It drove HER crazy, SHE called the office to see if SHE dropped the present out on the floor: NO. When we got to Grandma’s house SHE was still going crazy…SHE went to six stores trying to find a replacement for my gift.

When SHE got back home from HER business trip SHE was cleaning up my play area and guess what SHE found inside my condo:


Yep…my present: Kitty Kat Bo-Bo!!! While SHE was putting away HER keys and all HER work stuff, I saw a shiny gift bag and being the inquisitive Little Guy that I am…I found this wonderful new Kitty Kat Bo-Bo…so I took her to my condo for safe keeping.

I really am sorry that I drove HER crazy…but I am really really happy to have a new member of my Bo-Bo family…now I can’t wait to see Kitty Kat Bo-Bo when I get back home!

BAYL from Grandma’s lap…

angel paw

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4 Responses to I drive HER crazy…

  1. dogdaz says:

    Crazy Hers are not good things.

  2. Amy says:

    Sneaky, Dante. You know you are the only pup in HER life, so try a little patience next time, sweet boy.

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