Throw Back Thursday…way back!

Five years ago today…Thursday, September 15, 2011…this is what was going on in my life and HERS:

As you can see from this photo SHE caught me red-pawed…I was out of Doublegate and I was up on HER sofa when SHE came home last night…there was nothing I could do but give HER some “I missed you” faces…they didn’t really help me get out of the trouble I knew I was in! See, I was feeling kind-of bored and a little neglected since SHE’S been working so late every night…so I climbed over the wall of Doublegate…I hadn’t done that in months and months.  But the temptation was just too much for this little guy…all my Bo-Bos were crying out to me: Come play with us Dante…Come play with us.  So I did!!  HWTMF  While I was out running free guess what I found?  My cookie jar!  I jumped up on the chair and climbed on the table…all it took was a couple pats with my paws and it was on the floor…BOL…and even better…when it fell on the floor, the lid popped open!  Oh happy day, cookies all day long whenever I wanted them…I even offered to share with my Bo-Bos …BMTO!!  I guess you all know where I ended up last night…not on HER big and comfy bed…da, da, dum, dum: Doublegate!


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One Response to Throw Back Thursday…way back!

  1. Amy Sandy says:

    Dante, don’t feel bad. Lexi got in trouble like that too when she was a young un. 🙂

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