Big Boys Don’t Cry!

SHE tricked me into getting excited about going for a ride…but SHE forgot to tell me we were riding to the Vet…not my favorite place. But SHE kept reminding me how good I was at the hotel this week and reminding me that I am Big Boy…well here is the proof that Big Boys Don’t Cry…this Big Boy did’t even whimper…blood tests and shots and getting my temperature checked (how humiliating!)…SHE was sooooo proud of me and I got a big treat too…a Puppaccino!

Big Boy

even Mini-Me had a check-up today!


Waiting for my test results after no crying, no whimpering and no growling

Big Boy Big Boy

And here’s the BIG payoff for being brave: PUPPACCINO!



Hey Mini-Me…be sure to share!


Being a Big Boy has it’s perks…BAYL friends!

angel paw

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3 Responses to Big Boys Don’t Cry!

  1. Amy says:

    Dante, Lexi would be proud of you. She always hated the glass stick up the you know what, too.

  2. pawpacktips says:

    haha! So adorable. It seems like your little pup handled it like a champ nonetheless!

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