King for a Day!


I love Halloween!  I love dressing up!  But most of all…I love being King!  What a blast being dressed up like the King of Hearts! This is the coolest costume and it comes with my very own crown…that’s my favorite part!  I love all the Bo-Bos that I got in my Trick or Treat bucket instead of candy…Witch Bo-Bo…Mummy Bo-Bo…Bat Bo-Bo…Ghost Bo-Bo and big fat Pumpkin Bo-Bo.  SHE really loves me a lot to find all those special Bo-Bos just for me!

I love being King for a Day…I wonder how long I can stretch this out…bark bark bark!


Paw with crown

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One Response to King for a Day!

  1. Amy says:

    Aw, Dante, I think you are King every day!

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