Howl-O-Ween Weekend!

What a slammin’ weekend…it’s been non-stop photo opps and party after party.  I have had more outfit changes than an MC at the Oscars. BOL  This is the most posing I have done in months…I was really out of shape…gotta get out there more! HWTMF

Before we got rained out last night SHE tookme on a great tour with HER friends through our neighborhood …boneyards….cemeteries …fun houses…we had a blast…until the rain came down in buckets…I mean it dumped on us!  All the party stuff was under a big tent in my friend’s Sylvester’s yard…his humans did a good job predicting it would rain!  You gotta check out how brave I was going through the scary cemetery…I was protecting HER all the way! This was the most fun I have ever had on Howl-o-ween …HATM…I am TOPA!!!


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4 Responses to Howl-O-Ween Weekend!

  1. Amy says:

    You sure are brave, Dante. You must know it is all just for fun. Have a good Halloween, and don’t let the little tricksters scare you.

  2. Ladyofroyalhorses says:

    Did you know every year police find dead cats and dogs, that were sacrificed for Halloween? Sadly, it’s true. Please keep all pets indoors on Halloween!!!

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