Yesterday was Spa day and when SHE picked me up all I heard was how fluffy I was, how good I smelled and how cute I was. I guess that all went to my head and I was feeling a little full of myself when I jumped up to the table this morning and tried some of that coffee SHE’S always drinking…it was YUMMY and now I understand why SHE likes it so much…but I got caught licking my lips…WHAT WAS I THINKING?


I completely forgot about the Naughty or Nice List…WHAT WAS I THINKING?


Rats…another mark in the Naughty Column…WHAT WAS I THINKING?

BAYL from the Time-Out Area…


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2 Responses to WHAT WAS I THINKING?

  1. Amy says:

    Sweet Dante, I think your Mom has never had a dog chew her grandmother’s handmade quilt or made the front window sill into the “distressed” look or ate a whole box of chocolates left under the tree while she was gone or…well, you get the picture. Maybe SHE should move some of those naughty slashes…

    • Oh no…chewing on your grandmother’s quilt! I’m practicing my “I Love You” face….in hopes of going HER that face and melting HER heart a little…enough to remove one or two of my Naughty slashes! A whole box of chocolates…really??

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