Throw Back Thursday…December 29, 2011

 I’m at a sleepover with my Grandma and SHE’S at a sleepover with Uncle TJ and Aunt Jen…so it’s Throw Back Thursday…way back to my second Christmas with my two-legged family…I hope you enjoy a look back too….

I miss you already Grandma…

SHE and Aunt Tere packed up my Bo-Bos andmy food and water bowls and we headed back home…it felt like we just got to Grandma’s and then it was time to go home.  BBB Grandma:  I miss you already.  Spending time with my Grandma is special time…when she takes me for my walk…when she gives me a treat…when she lets me watch her cook in the kitchen…when she lets me sleep up next to her…when she and I watch T.V….and of course, when I sit in her lap…did I tell you all that my Grandma has the bestest lap in the whole-wide world?  There’s no one like my Grandma and I love her so much…Grandma, I miss you already.  Don’t forget what I look like…be sure to put my picture next to your chair…I love you!


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2 Responses to Throw Back Thursday…December 29, 2011

  1. Amy says:

    Isn’t it funny how not much has changed in 5 years? P.S. Lexi had an Auntie Jen, too, who she loved.

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