Life is all about choices…

Throw Back Thursday…all the way back to January 12, 2011…

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Choices…Choices…Choices…Life is filled with choices – even my little life.  As most of you know, I have tons of Bo-Bos (translated: stuffed toys) but when presented with the choice of Bo-Bos or a chewie to snack on…well, you can see from the photo to the left what my choice was…chewie of course!

SHE is also faced with many choices on HER road to better health and happiness in 2011.  Yesterday SHE was faced with a working lunch – catered & brought into HER office PLUS a dinner out with friends & co-workers after a long day at work.

I am so proud of HER…SHE took her lunch to the office and ate what SHE packed (no snaking on the catered food)…drank 64 ounces of water (not all at once silly…throughout the day) and then at dinner SHE made really good choices that kept HER on track.  Baby steps…baby steps….breaking old bad habits isn’t easy.

Now back to me…’cause we all know, It’s All About Me!!  When given a choice, I choose chewies or cookies…but when given a choice of Bo-Bos….well I have to admit: Paula Bo-Bo (Paula Deen) is my all-time favorite!


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4 Responses to Life is all about choices…

  1. Piglove says:

    I love this my friend. My mom slid a bit this week. Old habits are hard to break. But she is back on full force this morning. Thank goodness for us anipals to keep our moms on track huh? XOXO – Bacon

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