Throw Back Thursday…

I’m here!  And as you can see from the photo, I am Grandma’s boy.  The spoilin’ has already started…I got to be the “dishwasher” for Grandma’s plate from dinner.  And yes, they really have a problem when cooking in this house…my Aunt Tere cooked dinner and boy does she drop a lot…I am such a lucky boy!

My Aunt Tere and SHE are going on vacation this year to Hawaii and they are both on a mission for a happier and healthier life.  I love my Aunt Tere…she even gave me a new Bo-Bo today.  As I said…let the spoilin’ begin!

Now back to HER: I am so proud of HER.  SHE ate dinner at Grandma’s but SHE brought her own stuff and prepared it so that SHE stays on the goals that I am helping HER keep in 2011.

I am so proud of HER…SHE packed a cooler to take to the hotel so SHE can be sure to have all the right snacks and stay on HER plan.  I really believe SHE is going to do it this time…I know that all of you reading my blog are giving HER such great encouragement and that helps HER more than you know…keep it up…SHE really appreciates it!  I am going to miss HER this week but lucky me…I am at Grandmas!!!


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2 Responses to Throw Back Thursday…

  1. Oh Dante, so glad that you have such great flashback memories 🙂 Mazie is the official plate cleaner here 🙂

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