…after a week of taking care of HER while SHE’S been sick, watching over HER every move, checking on HER after every cough and making sure that I kept HER warm while SHE slept…well, this Little Guy was close to exhaustion…well, I’m here to tell you that SHE is the absolute best ever: SHE took me to the Spa yesterday for a day of R&R&R (Rest & Relax & Recute). Yep, SHE asked them to pamper me to the max…ALL DAY…SHE asked them to give me a Spa-cation! So do you think it worked?

Before After

Before my day of Spa-cation…………………..After a day of Rest & Relax & Recute

Oh My Dog….SHE is THE Best ever!


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2 Responses to R&R&R

  1. Amy says:

    Dante, you get the cute award, for sure. ❤

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