Pupcation Update: Resting Her Eyes

Shhhh…be very quiet…my Grandma is “resting her eyes”…that’s what she calls napping!

When my Grandma doesn’t feel good….she rests her eyes a lot! I’m being a very good little guy and watching out for my Grandma and helping her get lots of “eye rest”. She says she’s going to take me for a ride later today to pick up a prescription through the drive-thru…now I don’t really understand the prescription thing…all I know is I get to go for a ride with my Grandma!! YEAH!!!

BAYL (very softly)…

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9 Responses to Pupcation Update: Resting Her Eyes

  1. Amy says:

    Grandmas and young children “rest their eyes.” The rest of us sleep, LOL!

  2. We sure hope your Grandma is feeling better sweet Dante. We know you are still taking very good care of her. Resting her eyes is a good thing. Hugs and nose kisses

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