Saturday Morning Pupcation Update

My Grandma is just about the most wonderful two-legged on the entire earth…with the exception of HER…my Grandma loves me more than any two-legged.  I heard my Grandma talking to HER last night on the phone and Grandma told HER that I was pretty close to perfect…that I was behaving the best that I had ever behaved!  Last night Grandma let me listen on the phone with HER…that’s right, SHE talked to me on Grandma’s phone.  I couldn’t see HER but I could hear HER talking to me and SHE said SHE was very proud of me for being a good boy and behaving for Grandma…SHE said I was a four-legged hero.  Not real sure what SHE meant but I could tell that I have made HER very happy.  I’m HER hero…SHE called me Super Fluff…that’s me, Super Fluff to the rescue Grandma!

Super Fluff…that’s me!


angel paw

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6 Responses to Saturday Morning Pupcation Update

  1. Amy says:

    Look out, there’s a new Super Hero in town…Super Fluff! (Ask your Mom and Grandma if they have ever seen the TV show, “The Tick.”

  2. Oh, sweet Dante what a good boy you are watching over Grandma. We bet that you are always a perfect little guy and the best companion ever. Hugs and nose kisses

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