Why dental care is really important

As you all know, SHE took me to the Vet while SHE was traveling and asked the Vet to clean my teeth and make my pearly whites as white as my Fluff. While I was there they found some other things that we need to take care of…lucky for me that SHE loves me enough to had my teeth taken care of and now I will be better than ever when SHE comes to get me on Thursday. As a thank you to HER and my Vet…Here are our top reasons why dental care is really important:

1. A pet with healthy teeth equals a pet with better breath!

2. Dental disease can actually lead to problems with your pet’s organs, such as the heart.

3. Retained baby teeth can cause problems in pets too! Did you know that full grown dogs have 42 teeth and full grown cats have 30 teeth? Before their adult teeth grow in, though, their baby teeth have to fall out. Sometimes, not all of the baby teeth want to come out. This can lead to problems like gum irritation and tartar buildup.

4. Caring for your pet’s teeth can prevent other health problems, saving you tons of money over the long term!

5. You need regular dental care and you brush your teeth everyday – why wouldn’t your pets? Your veterinarian and these handy videos can help you learn to brush your dog’s teeth and your cat’s teeth.

6. Did you know that 4 out of 5 dogs over the age of 3 years have some sort of periodontal disease? It can be caused by the buildup of plaque, so it’s important to go in for regular dental checkups and cleanings. Learn more about the importance of removing plaque from your cat’s teeth in our video, Why Is It Important to Remove Plaque On My Cat’s Teeth?

7. Pets that don’t get dental care can painfully lose their teeth – this can be terribly painful and cause serious health problems.

8. Your dog and cat are very good at hiding pain – you might never know that your pet has a serious dental problem until it’s very advanced. This is yet another reason it’s important to take your pet in for regular dental checkups.

9. Teeth wear out! Your pets are tough on their teeth. Learn the symptoms to keep your pet from experiencing the pain of severely worn teeth.

10. Learn more about the importance of dental care by visiting our dog dental-care centers and our cat dental-care centers.

See you soon…showing off my big beautiful white smile…bark bark bark…

This list is courtesy of our friends at www.pethealthnetwork.com

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4 Responses to Why dental care is really important

  1. Amy says:

    Dante, it’s wonderful that you posted this important information. Thanks, Mr. Sweet Breath!

  2. Great post my friend. Mom is taking all of us in this month and a few of us are getting tooth tune ups too.

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