Does this cone make my head look huge? Here, let me turn to right…turn to the left…

How about now? Straight on…be truthful…I could probably be a wifi distributor right?

I will be wearing this fashion accessory for ten days…I hope that’s not laughter I hear! The Vet says all the most fashionable Little Guys are wearing it this Spring…somehow I find that hard to believe…Fashionista? NOT!

I am doing fine (except for this Conehead contraption)…I had some “procedures” done to keep me healthy, happy and in tip-top shape! And by the way…if your television experiences interference…it’s NOT me!


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13 Responses to Fashionista?

  1. Oh my Fluffmeister you look extra floofy with your cone! Hope you are doing well my sweet friend! Gotta keep tuned up so you can keep truckin’ on!
    Luv Ya!

  2. That cone does not take away from your cuteness sweet Dante. We are sorry you have to wear it but we are glad the Vet did whatever needed to be done to keep you healthy. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Amy says:

    It will help when it rains, Dante, he, he. Lucy is about to start having to wear one at bedtime to keep her from obsessive licking in the middle of the night which wakes me up which wakes Jeff up.(You know, if Mamma’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy!)

  4. Piglove says:

    Poor sweets. You got this. I know you do. You will be out of that cone in no time!! Sending you healing vibes – XOXO – Bacon and Houdini

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