I still don’t like this Conehead look…

Conehead Chronicles Day 3: Saturday Through the Looking Glass Head Cone…

A relaxing day for HER and Me…Watching T.V. and Watching HER…

This Head Cone can’t keep me from keeping an eye on HER…

Thank you to my friends for checking up on me…I am feeling much better today…I still don’t like this Conehead look but SHE says it’s gonna help me get better fast…

BAYL…from HER lap

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5 Responses to I still don’t like this Conehead look…

  1. Amy says:

    Dante, you can use your conehead to knock things out of your way, open partially open doors, close partially closed doors and run like a bull through a china shop. You can also come up behind HER and bump into her with it. SHE will start jumping out of your way and it will make you laugh and feel big powerful. At least, that was my way of coping with it. ~ Lucy

  2. Piglove says:

    Oh pal. I remember the cone during my recovery time a couple of years ago. The cone was bigger than me! I kept tripping all over the place. So embarrassing. Get well soon pal – Houdini

  3. Oh, sweet Dante we are so sorry you have to wear the cone, but SHE is right…it will help you get better. Sending you lots of love and extra hugs.

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