Throw Back Thursday

Whoa baby…that’s one big gate!

Whoa baby…this is one big baby gate SHE put up tonight.  But check out my action shot…I’m practicing now…and soon I’ll be able to jump over this big mama of a gate…I’m up to the challenge…I may be small but my legs have springs in them and I can jump.  I already tried gnawing my way out…SHE got smarter over the weekend…this gate looks like plastic but it’s really coated wire…rats!  I’m gonna have to go on a training regime to make my way over the top…stay tuned for updates!!

WOW…that was more than 6 years ago and I have matured (and outsmarted that gate)….I am no longer banned from roaming the house…Have a great day remembering some of your Throw Back Thursday Memories!


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One Response to Throw Back Thursday

  1. Amy says:

    Ha, ha, my little girl had springs in her legs when she was young, too. 🙂

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