Happy Cinco de Mayo Mis Amigos!

All right mis amigos (my friends)…SHE has decided that this sombrero SHE bought would look “too cute” on me to celebrate Cinco de Mayo…what do you think…Si’ or No?

Whatever you plan to wear for Cinco de Mayo…just be sure you look “too cute”…and whatever you plan to do to celebrate…have fun and celebrate responsibly. Don’t eat too many dog cookies or chewies or chips and salsa …hehehe!

Ten un dia divertido…Have a fun day!

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4 Responses to Happy Cinco de Mayo Mis Amigos!

  1. Piglove says:

    Oh my little friend – I think you look totally rad. You would make a great mate for Houdini here today at the Hotel Thompson. Check him out on Paw Time today – snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  2. We love Houdini’s poncho…he looks mucho mucho cute! Maybe I need to put that on my wish list for next year! Hey Bacon…where’s your poncho?

  3. Amy says:

    All you need now is a guitar, Dante, to complete “the look.” Hmm, I wonder if they make a guitar bobo…

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