And the race is on…

I know SHE likes to get in the mood for big events like the Kentucky Derby…but trust me…no amount of chewies and treats makes up for this!


I only tolerate this because it makes HER happy and SHE smiles and laughs a lot while SHE snaps HER pictures…and you know how I live to see HER smile and hear HER laugh…but really…this may be pushing the limits! Now let’s get this race over and get this jockey off my back…please!


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4 Responses to And the race is on…

  1. Ohh Dante, I am so glad you love her because that is almost as bad as the cone of shame my dear friend MOL MOL MOL!

  2. Well, it sure made for a cute photo sweet Dante. We know you love to make HER smile and be happy. Where and how does SHE find all those cute things? We hope you got that jockey off your back…you are a very good sport. Hugs and nose kisses

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