Those you love at your Home Base

As you all know, my Grandma has the Best Lap in the Whole Wide World but…HER lap is my Home Base…

HER lap is the one that I love coming back to after my Pupcations with Grandma…the lap that reminds what a lucky little guy I am to have so much love…

So today I am spending some extra lap time with HER before SHE leaves for HER work and I stay with my Grandma…a few extra I Love You Faces too!

Be sure to spend some extra time with those you love at your Home Base and give them your best I Love You Face…make this a Sunday filled with love!


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6 Responses to Those you love at your Home Base

  1. You and SHE both are lucky sweet Dante. Nothing can compare to HOME BASE in our book. What a lucky little guy you are to have TWO super laps to enjoy. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. dogdaz says:

    Love love love and snuggles

  3. Thank you my friend…love and snuggles right back at you! bark bark bark!

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