Life is good…really really good!

What in the world did Aunt Tere have up her sleeve when we headed out the door Monday in a big hurry? After a couple of hours of cuteness napping…we stopped on the turnpike and with the window rolled down I heard a familiar voice….“Dante, I love you”…where oh where was that voice coming from? It was HER voice…oh my…I hear HER…I see HER! I don’t think I will ever get tired of hearing “Dante, I love you!”

After switching my awesome carseat from Aunt Tere’s car to HER car, SHE made sure I had some of my Bo-Bo friends to keep me company and we said good bye to Aunt Tere…I made sure to give her my “I love you” face…and then a big “Thank you” face for taking care of me and then surprising me with a trip to go back home with HER…Thank you Aunt Tere!

We had a long trip back to our house and it was thundering and lightning and lots and lots of rain…I couldn’t nap because I had to keep an eye on HER and make sure SHE was O.K. driving in that crazy crazy weather…SHE had to drive really slow…but the whole way SHE was keeping HER eyes on the road and talking to me…I can’t believe SHE missed me enough to come get me and then drive in this weather…I think SHE deserves an extra treat when we get home!

Home Sweet Home…and curled up on HER lap…Life is good…really really good!

Have a great day my friends and remember: Life is Good!

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