Grandma Diaries

Grandma sat me down yesterday and explained to me that I was going to be on an extended pup-cation this time because SHE was going to be traveling and working a lot and SHE wanted to make sure that I was being taken care of and loved a whole bunch… and who better to love me and take care of me than Grandma.  SHE certainly was right!  So we decided that I would sit down at Grandma’s computer every day and write HER and tell HER what we did each day…so here goes:

Yesterday was a blast…first of all, thank you Uncle Jared for putting my car seat in Grandma’s car…now Icrossing can ride everywhere with her and keep her company!  Grandma took me with her yesterday when she ran all her errands…boy is Grandma busy!  First we had to go to the post office…the post office isn’t very far but we had to wait on a train…that train made lots of noise and I needed to be sure that it stayed away from my Grandma…so I barked really loud, I mean really loud…Grandma laughed and laughed…really loud…boy do I love hearing my Grandma laugh!

Drive-thruThen we had to go to the store to pick-up Grandma’s prescription…wow…Grandma just drives up the the window and does her shopping…how cool is my Grandma…she has her own drive-thru window!  When the lady came to the window I made sure she knew I was there protecting my Grandma…I barked real loud and Grandma laughed real loud and so did the lady in the window…I’m sensing a trend here…I bark and grandma laughs…wow! bark bark bark!

On our way home I saw a very familiar sight…I tried telling Grandma…I barked and I barkedFire Hydrant and I barked…Grandma was laughing but I was trying to tell her that I needed to say hello to something very familiar…if you get my drift…BOL

Grandma finally understood what I was trying to tell her…we were on our home…and a nice long walk.  My Grandma understands me better than I thought…me and my Grandma are a perfect pair…we understand each other and have lots of fun together…and after a day of running errands we like to sit in Grandma’s recliner and relax…what a first day!  I miss HER and want HER to know that I’m taking real good care of my Grandma…she’s smiling and laughing!


angel paw

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2 Responses to Grandma Diaries

  1. Piglove says:

    aaww my little friend. It sounds like you are going to have a blast with Grandma. Tell her that her grandpiggy says hey. Wish we were closer. I would come over and visit the both of you! XOXO – Bacon

  2. Grandma could take us both for a walk…I know she would the talk of her neighborhood for sure! And if you’re a good little piggy Grandma gives rides on her walker….priceless!

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