I can count the days on my paws!

Two more days…two more days…I can count the days on my front paws…only two more days until my BIG day: MY BIRTHDAY!  I’m so excited…SHE will be coming back to me and Grandma on Friday night but this morning I had to say bye-bye to one of my all-time favorite Bo-Bos: Paula Bo-Bo.  I love Paula Bo-Bo sooooo much….but Paula it’s bye-bye…just two more days…two more days!  Paula…just look at my face…I’m gonna miss you in my Big Birthday Countdown!  Bye-Bye.

All that’s left for today and are Bo-Bo (my very first Bo-Bo) and Birthday Monkey Bo-Bo…Saturday is my Birthday and then the Birthday Boy Cake Bo-Bo is mine….ALL Mine!  Is it Saturday yet?


birthday paw@TheDanteDiaries

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