Flash Back Friday

In honor of Flash Back Friday I’m letting HER post a few of HER favorite Christmas Flash Back pictures…SHE just keeps saying “OMG…you were so cute”…hey, I’m still cute!!

For me?

WOW…For me?

I can help!  WOW!

Oh my…what is this? Just what SHE wanted!!

Perfect fit

It’s a perfect fit for me!

It's me!

Hey look…it’s me!!

Can you hear HER in the background? SHE keeps saying…OMG Dante…you are so cute! Now that’s more like it…I work very hard at being cute!  Have a great Flash Back Friday my friends…three more sleeps and then it is: Christmas!!



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2 Responses to Flash Back Friday

  1. Piglove says:

    You were and are always as cute as a button our sweet little friend ❤ XOXO – Bacon

  2. awwww thanks my friend….SHE loves posting those old pictures of me when I first came to live with HER…humans really love looking at old pictures don’t they? Love to you and the whole Thompson Crew!

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