The Nose Knows…

This past two weeks the weather has been so nice that I have been having lots of fun playing in my yard…running up to the corner and back…that’s been so much fun but now SHE says I “smell like a dog”. Actually what SHE said last night was: “Dante you stink!”  Guess where I’m going this morning: The SPA!

Don’t tell HER…but going to the SPA is such a treat! I get pampered, bathed, blow-dried, fluffed and called handsome…what a way to spend my Saturday. And then when SHE picks me up…yee haa…SHE goes crazy when I’m super-fluffy and bright white…and when I get home I get to sleep in that great big comfy bed of HERS! Being stinky does have it’s benefits…look out SPA…here I come!


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