Dante’s Tech Tips

Don’t get caught playing Solitaire on someone else’s iPAD


Don’t text after your bedtime


Trim your nails before using a touch screen


Type softly so they don’t know you’re using their computer


Get your own Facebook page


American Express – Don’t go online shopping without it


Type softly when using someone else’s computer – you don’t want to annoy or worse yet, wake them!


Whisper keyboards are the bomb…you can type quietly, even if you have paws, and never wake a sleeping human!


When you want to know what’s going on with the weather…go online!


When sending emails, don’t write in all caps…that’s just like Barking Out Loud…really, really loud!


Be sure to clear all the cookies and temporary files before your human gets home …you don’t want to leave paw prints on the internet…to remove the cookies:  just eat them! 

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