Happy Face

This is what my Happy Face looks like when I am with HER! What does you Happy Face look like?

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Tell me again Grandma…

…when you say I Love You, it makes my heart happy!

Make someones’s heart happy Today!!!

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What’s in your Happy Bag?

Grandma and I are bringing out the Happy Bag today

and looking inside for a message that SHE left for us: “The Love of Family makes my heart Happy today and everyday!” WOW…what a nice way to start our day! So what are you Happy for today? Start your own Happy Bag and leave messages for someone special…I

guarantee it will make them Happy!

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Face Time

I had a feeling SHE was going somewhere….I saw a suitcase by the front door. But when SHE told me to be a good boy for Aunt Tere and Grandma…I knew it for sure. So I gave HER one of my best faces ever: Really? You’re Leaving me again? How can you leave me when I am giving this face?

Hurry back…I’ll miss you!

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Yay! It’s Sunday!

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Is this any way to start the day?

SHE and I were up very early this morning and being the wonderful two-legged that SHE is, SHE decided to take me for my short morning walk to the corner of our street and back. Lordy Lordy…we got to the corner and someone dumped buckets of water on us…Mother Nature opened up the sky and soaked us! I love the way I smell when I’m wet…HER not so much….can you believe SHE actually called me “stinky” and gave me a morning Spa treatment. Who’s SHE kidding…HER bathtub is NOT the SPA!!

In case you don’t recognize the dog above, it’s me wearing my Are you kidding meFace!

Rain Rain Go Away…NOW!

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Such great memories together…

Happy Birthday MTM…I love you!

You and I have such great memories together…

I’m so so lucky to have a Bestest Friend like you MTM…

Happy Birthday!

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