Dreaming SHE woke me up this morning and let me know today is my Spa day…I went back to sleep and this is what I dreamed of…let the pampering begin!

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It’s Friday!!!!

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All together now: SMILE

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I can never hear it enough…

Grandma…tell me again how much you love me and how much you’re gonna miss me when I go back home with HER….

I can never hear it enough…I love you and will miss you like crazy.

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Happy Happy New Year!

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New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve with HER and My Two-Legged Family…who could ask for anything more?  But to make sure that SHE really really enjoys herself…I’m dressing  up in my tuxedo and top hat and adding my Cristail Champagne Bo-Bo…and that should do the trick!  I expect to hear HER laughing really hard…I think it will be the laugh heard ’round the world!

…and we all know that I live to hear HER laugh and see HER smile!

Boy oh Boy…do I love HER and my Two-legged Family…Happy New Year …I hope I get to spend lots and lots of time with you all in 2018!


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Welcome to my family

OMGator! Look at the new Bo-Bo Dante i today from my special friend Vicky Pando! Gator Bo-Bo is already one of my favs!!! Thank you sooooooo much! #GoGators


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