King for a Day

 I love Halloween! I love dressing up and making hER laugh! But most of all…I love being King! What a blast being dressed up like the King of Hearts! This is the coolest costume and it comes with my very own crown…that’s my favorite part! I love all the Bo-Bos that come along with Halloween…Witch Bo-Bo…Mummy Bo-Bo…Bat Bo-Bo…Ghost Bo-Bo and big fat Pumpkin Bo-Bo. SHE really loves me a lot to find all those special Bo-Bos just for me! I love being King for a Day…I wonder how long I can stretch this out…bark bark bark! 

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Halloween Buddies!!

Yep, it’s me, Gator Dog, and my Halloween Buddy, Mini-Me! We are all decked out for three big reasons: Celebrating a win on Friday night…ready for the rain that’s coming…and modeling our Gator duds for HER and HER Halloween Fashion Show! Now this is a costume me and Mini-Me can wear proudly! #Costume6 #Halloween2018

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Cooking up some scary stuff for Halloween

Watch out Bobby FlayCookie Bo-Bo and Chef Dante are cooking up some scary stuff for Halloween…bark bark bark!

Let’s see…chewies ala mode….yummmm! Now this is a great costume!


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This Postman Only Barks Once!

If I deliver the mail does that mean that humans might bite me? NO…but they will need to give me a treat to get their mail….Bark Bark Bark! 

So what do you think about HER choice of Costume #4? This one really delivers….bark bark bark!

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The Boy Wonder!

Yes, it’s me! Today SHE decided I would be Batman’s sidekick Robin…what do you think, can I help fight crime? It’s criminal if I haven’t made you smile…bark bark bark!  #Halloween #Costume3

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The Caped Crusader?

So what do you think of this costume? Am I the cuter and fluffier four-legged version of the Caped Crusader? Costume #2 of HER Halloween Fashion Show…bark bark bark! #HalloweenFashionShow #Halloween2018

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The Devil Made HER Do It!

To most humans, Halloween is all about the tricking and the treating…to HER it’s all about the opportunities to dress me up…take pictures of me (some very humiliating) and have a good laugh at me in my daily costumes. SHE has gone completely bonkers this year…SHE has a costume for me for every day of October! So today begins the “Halloween Fashion Show”…I apologize upfront…the GIRL is crazy. So here goes Day 1 – Costume 1…you have been warned: Read my Face – The Devil Made HER do it!

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