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Let the spoiling begin!

Look at me…I got the full spa treatment and a new summer-time haircut…and then SHE tells me that we’re going to Grandma’s…yee haa…another Pupcation! Yep…me and Mini-Me are headed to Grandma’s house…let the spoiling begin! BAYL…

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Home is where your dog is…

SHE’S on HER way to Grandma’s house… This weekend…home is Grandma’s house! Is SHE here yet?

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Enjoy the little things in life…

Grandma just told me that SHE is coming to see us for Mother’s Day…so we are borrowing one of HER favorite photos of me and my Grandma to remind everyone… I still don’t understand how MY Grandma is HER mother….bark … Continue reading

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Just the Two of Us…

I have been here with Grandma on Pupcation for almost a month now and I love being here with Grandma but I also miss HER…I know SHE’S been working hard but I really miss HER…so just in case SHE forgot … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Priorities!

This is a transcript of last night’s conversation between HER (ME) and Grandma (MOM)…those two…you gotta love them! I like my Grandma’s Priorities! Bark Bark Bark!

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The Perfect Fit!

Just in case there was any doubt…this is how I spend most of my waking hours…when I’m not eating, sleeping or playing with my Bo-Bos…I am sitting on THE best lap in the whole wide world…that’s right, I am the … Continue reading

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Monday Morning With Grandma

It doesn’t take much to make me a Happy Little Guy…a cruise with Grandma around the block was exactly what I needed to have a howling good time!      Can we go around the block again? How about a ride … Continue reading

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